Contact us for the current hourly cost for custom studio production. DeToto Entertainment production costs are based on the STUDIO TIME SPENT programming and producing the project. This includes research and additional correspondence about songs, song order changes, mix revisions, and studio mastering. A required deposit is required for all mix requests and will be deducted from the final invoice.

Completion Dates and Rush Orders DeToto Entertainment strives to provide every client with the completion date that is requested. The completion dates for projects must allow for a 2-week project completion. - Projects that require completion dates prior to 2-weeks is considered a Rush Order. Rush Order completion dates are GUARANTEED and requires an additional deposit before production starts.

Cancellations - You can cancel your custom mix order via e-mail as long as your music has NOT started production. You will be refunded your deposit.- If your music has started production, you will be billed for the work that has already been started.

Custom Mix Correspondence, Mix Reviews, Final Approvals - All correspondence to custom mix requirements and changes will be made via email for project tracking purposes. Emails should also include detailed mix requirements (included songs, song order, added effects, voice overs, beats-per-minute, and length of mix) for proper translation into a professional studio mix production. - Mixes that are ready for review will be sent via email in low-quality mp3 format (either attached or via a download link – depending on the mix length). To save on production studio time, any revisions should also include detailed revision requirements. Once the custom mix is approved and final, a mastered version of the mix will be produced and sent mp3 format (either attached or via a download link – depending on the mix length). *All versions sent for review will have a “DeToto Entertainment” voiceover. The Final mix will not include the voiceover. **

Invoicing and Payment Terms - Once mixes are finalized, an invoice will be sent to client’s email address. - Payment terms: 10 days from receiving the invoice.

Late Payments We allow up to 10 days to pay your invoice. Any invoice not paid in this timeframe will be charged an additional $50.

Refunds There are no refunds on final custom mix productions.

Notable Terms

1. DeToto Entertainment will not be held responsible for any lost profits, damaged equipment, or missed competitions due to the misuse of our services or media formats when the final mix is provided by the completion date provided.

2. DeToto Entertainment will not be held responsible for email correspondence issues. All emails are responded to within 24-hours. In any event that you do not receive a response in your inbox (because it ended up in your Bulk/Junk Mail folder), we will not be held responsible for issues which may occur, to include: a) Your mix being delayed, even if it is a rush order. b) Missed competitions. Your music will remain yours fully.

We do not resell any custom mix unless: 1. You fail to pay for the custom production services. 2. You are later than 30 days on your invoice.

By submitting your request on our Custom Mixes form, you fully understand, accept, and agree upon the contents of the DeToto Entertainment Terms and Conditions Policy.-