DeToto Entertainment offers professionally produced, customized music mixes exclusive to your cheer/dance/sports team, fitness class, wedding, or corporate event! 

Although mixes can be produced for any event, below are just a few services offered by DeToto Entertainment!


Corporate Events
Need a professionally produced mix, remix, or multi-track editing for your corporate event? Perfect for speaker introductions, video productions, or other presentations that require music editing.

Fireworks Soundtracks
7+ years experience programming and producing flowing music soundtracks to sync with fireworks shows! References available.

Video Presentation Mixes/Edits
Music editing to fit video presentations
Unique Event Requests
Any event that requires music or additional production!



Cheerleading Mixes
Perfect for All Star teams, High School, Junior Varsity teams, or any other cheer team requiring high-energy!
Dance Team Mixes
We work with coaches/choreographers to fit a routine or themed dance mixes! Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop, or Kickline!
Music Cuts / Edits
Teams always require seamless edits / trimming to fit required competition times and routines from the original track or downloaded /pre-produced mix!



Team Practice / Warm-Up Mixes
Play your team's favorite pump-up songs with a team practice mix or game-time warm-ups! Let the team choose the songs for these mixes!
Half-Time Cheer/Dance Performances
Let us produce your half-time show to keep your crowd in the game!



Need a producer for your music or a remix to a track? DeToto Entertainment can produce your track, provide remix production and promote your tracks!

 All custom mix services are subject to DeToto Entertainment's Terms and Conditions