Specialized in professional remix and music production. Over 15 years experience producing mixes for DJs, radio stations, fitness instructors, cheer/dance competition teams, corporate events, weddings and any event that needs custom music production.


SpinCycle Radio: A featured DJ on iHeartRadio’s SpinCycle station. The high-energy mixes are in daily rotation at select times below:

Mon: 10am
Tues: 8am
Wed: 5am
Thurs: 11pm
Fri: 7pm
Sat: 11am & 10pm
Sun: 5pm

BeatSquad Radio: A featured DJ on the BeatSquad Radio station. These high energy mixes are in daily rotation at select times below:

Mon‪: 9am & 5pm‬
Tues: ‪11am‬ & ‪7pm‬
Wed: ‪2pm & 9pm‬
Thurs:‪ 7am & 3pm‬
Fri:‪ 8pm & 6pm‬
Sat‪: 9am & 2pm & 8pm‬
Sun:‪ 10am & 6pm‬


  • (2006-2009) Produced remixes/edits for Select Mix/Hot Tracks remix label
  • (2008 - 2012) Produced radio/club remixes, party breaks, and blends on Crooklyn Clan's CRACK4DJS.NET website. DeToto’s remixes/party breaks are featured by the top DJs in various radio mixshows / clubs worldwide.
  • (2009 - current) Produces remixes for the Full Tilt Remix label (www.fulltiltremix.com).
  • Plans are in the works for a DJ portal on this site with a vault of old DeToto remixes, famous party breaks, and blends PLUS new remixes of the latest mainstream, rhythmic, and country hits! Stay tuned!


In 2007, DeToto Entertainment started producing custom mixes and edits for the top Dance and Cheer Competition teams in Ohio. The requests for high-energy never-heard-before mixes have since expanded across the U.S!


Other custom mix projects include music productions for weddings, radio stations, and corporate events. The most notable large-scale annual production project is the music soundtrack for Columbus Ohio's "Red, White, and Boom" fireworks show...A DeToto Entertainment production since July 2010.